31 MAY 2016

Today is the last before final major project deadline. The main things to do today is to prepare and check everything I need tomorrow.  In my final, I need to have these following things in my box.


This above thing is must be included in my box. Because I didn’t totally finish my lookbook in the last week. So my tutor doesn’t have time to look my final lookbook and give me some advice.  It’s really busy today after I ask my tutor to give me some advice. I go to print place to print out my final work as soon as possible.  I also went to add some details on my clothes.  I spend about 2 hours on printing out the lookbook and postcards.  Then I started to check my reference and bibliography. I need to put the number and stick on my sketchbook. It is really spending time also I double check my blogs.

Tomorrow’s deadline time is before 2 pm. I think I can finish everything before 2 PM.  I still have one invitation need to change it because of the word size.


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