29 MAY 2017

Because yesterday is bank holiday our studio not opened. So I only did some Photoshop and InDesign at home. I have written my evaluation today. During the Evaluation part I have to write about: why I chose this topic to be my final major project.  The process about when I did the development works. What problems do I have during I am working and how to solve it.

To talk about the evaluation I think it really important. It is important is because this evaluation represents everything you have done from February until June.  What did I do during this five months and will show what did I learn during this foundation year. I really want to show it better.

Today I also edit a new video. I already have a video before but I really think it’s not good enough. The effects and music I don’t think it really suits so I want to make a new one.  I used to want to take the new video and edit it. But I forgot to bring the clothes back home so I don’t have time to record a new one. Anyway, I still use the used video to edit it. This time I think is much better and I feel it could to put on my final.


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