24 MAY 2017

Today is the photo shoot day. After the clothes and bags came out. I plan to have a photo shoot as soon as possible. I found a model that she can help me to represent my clothes. During our photo shooting. we didn’t spend a lot of time. I think she is quite professional. I have brought earring and choker to style her for my brand. I have a photo shoot the whole body and the details of the clothes. We use the different property in the studio. We use radio and hula hoop. As the photo, I want to put into the lookbook and this lookbook should like to show KAWKASHI this brand stuff. So everything just is simple it’s fine. Also, when my tutor saw I edited the photo that I used Hula hoop he told me is from last years pre-masters students, anyway it’s really useful for me. We spend about 2 hours in taking the pictures.

In the afternoon, I started to edit my lookbook.  From 1 pm to 8 pm, I just keep editing the photo in Photoshop and design the lookbook in Indesign. I work until the school closed but I still didn’t finish yet.





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