22 MAY 2017

Today is a really busy day. I got my stuffs from AMAZON in the morning. I need to finished my design of the clothes today then plan to have a photoshoot on the Wednesday.  During the morning, I mainly figure how to print on the transfer paper. To talk about this, it was really successful at the beginning. However, I don’t sure is the temperature too high the transfer paper was melt in the printer.  I was really scared at that time. But luckily is fine at the end.

I work in the fashion design studio at the afternoon because I need to use the iron. During using the iron still really success at the beginning. However, with I have lot of work to do. I melt t some place.  It is really important to control the time and temperature.  Also there are two pictures I forgot to mirror it and I transfer into the bags.

But finally the out come I feel it nice. Then I will plan another photo shoot on Wednesday.


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