17 May 2017

After editing the film, today I started to do photoshop.  I want to make a lookbook out. So I mainly photoshop today. During the photoshop processes, I found a lot of interesting effects. Also, it’s really following my theme.

So the idea is I want to make like a book out to show the KAWKASHI this brand. I used to want to design clothes to let my module wear. However, because I don’t think to have enough time. Also, I’m not sure about the outcome so I just let them wear some street style. So during I editing I trying to find the way to show the KAWKASHI style. KAWKASHI should be an attitude. I want to show the style, the feeling.

So I chose not too much to photoshop because if use more will be boring. So I have chosen three main character’s photo and few pieces of their together photo. I want to edit like promotional photos. So I have some words on the photo. Also, I trying to some shapes on the photos because I think it makes the photo feel more layering.

After I printed out the photo I found out the lookbook is not really suited for my final, so I try to print on the postcard. 


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