15 May 2017

During the Sunday I have photoshoot from 6 pm to 9.30 pm. To following my photoshoot plan, I prepared the spray and some stuff during the photo shoot. I asked my friend in photography to help me to do a photo shoot. Also, I find 2 diploma students to be my model.  At the beginning of the photo shoot, it’s not really successful. Firstly because the models were too shy. Secondly is we are in a subway and the time is traffic time. During we shooting there have a lot of people and bicycle come. Also, we met some people discriminated us. They are on the bicycle and said if we shooting on them and they will throw us cameras. When they saw we didn’t photo shooting on them the women said some bad words. I feel really heartbreak at that time. Since I came to here almost one year. The people I met they all really nice. But, whatever, I still do what I should do.

Anyway, today I decided to edit my fashion video. To talk about the video,  I want to make not really long. I have seen the promotional video from MADNESS official website. That really give me a lot of ideas. So in the morning, I started to edit my film. I edited the film about the whole day. I was thinking what music should I put into my video. But actually during the result came out. I don’t think it’s really good. So I just wondering should I take a new video again.


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