10 May 2017

In the morning, I helped my classmate to doing her final major project’s photo shoot. So I didn’t do many work in the morning. Today I mainly on drawing a cartoon picture. I have this idea became in youtube. Because I want to do photo shoot during this Sunday, So I have searches a lot of information in the Internet. I searched in the youtube, because I want the background will rely on spray zone. So I knew there is a best place is just near the Varsity House, there is a subway. Also the wall is all have spray it. I think is a good place to have photo shoot.
Also, as I said I have thinking a plan about my photo shoot. I need a lot of things I need to prepare. I still didn’t prepare for my clothes. When I thinking the idea, I just think that maybe I can also make a video. Just a 1 minutes video to show this KAWKASHI brand.


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